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Hikikomari Kyuuketsuki no Monmon

Tüm bölümleri izle Hikikomari Kyuuketsuki no Monmon, indirmek Hikikomari Kyuuketsuki no Monmon Türkanime severlerin, Hikikomari Kyuuketsuki no Monmon Türkanime, indirmek Hikikomari Kyuuketsuki no Monmon Türkanime alt, aktarım Hikikomari Kyuuketsuki no Monmon en Diziwatch.
The Vexations of a Shut-In Vampire Princess, The Shut-In Vampire Princess' Worries, ひきこまり吸血姫の悶々
Durum: Completed Stüdyo: Piyasaya sürülmüş: 2023 Süre: 23 min. per ep. Mevsim: Tip: TV Bölümler: 12 Sansür: Censored Müdür: , tarafından gönderildi: admin Yayınlandığı tarih: Tarihinde güncellendi:
Yayını izle Hikikomari Kyuuketsuki no Monmon Türkanime severlerin on Diziwatch. Ayrıca ücretsiz olarak indirebilirsiniz Hikikomari Kyuuketsuki no Monmon Türkanime, İnternet kotasından tasarruf etmek için bağlantınıza göre çeşitli kalitede 720P 360P 240P 480P çevrimiçi yayınları izlemeyi unutmayın, Hikikomari Kyuuketsuki no Monmon on Diziwatch MP4 MKV hardsub softsub Türkanime severlerin zaten videonun içinde mevcut.

özet Hikikomari Kyuuketsuki no Monmon

In a world where death is not permanent, Terakomari "Komari" Gandesblood has been a self-proclaimed professional shut-in for the past three years. As part of the noble Gandesblood lineage, she once tried to meet the expectations of her family. However, as a vampire who cannot use magic or consume blood, she soon gave up on becoming an imperial general like her ancestors. Unfortunately, a misunderstanding with her father earns her the formidable position of one of the Seven Crimson Lords, the strongest fighters and generals in the Mulnite Empire.

Now, Komari must hide her lack of talent from the soldiers she commands, or they may attempt to overthrow her. Working alongside her newly-assigned maid, Villhaze, Komari manages to trick her unit of soldiers into believing she is a ruthless warlord and promises to conquer the world. But as more people come to admire Komari, her life is further threatened as a vampire from her past reappears with every intention to kill her for good.

[Written by MAL Rewrite]

Characters & Voice Actors

Gandesblood, Terakomari Main
Kusunoki, Tomori Japanese
Villhaze Main
Helvetius, Karen Main
Hikasa, Youko Japanese
Memoire, Sakuna Supporting
Iwami, Manaka Japanese
Cunningham, Nelia Supporting
Fairouz Ai Japanese
Bluenight, Millicent Supporting
Amamiya, Sora Japanese
Melakonsi Supporting
Hatanaka, Tasuku Japanese
Amatsu, Karla Supporting
Zutazutasuk, Prohelia Supporting
Yuuki, Aoi Japanese
Delphine Supporting


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